top 10 cancer tips

Denise's Top 10 Cancer Tips

Decemeber and holiday time always brings up a lot of feelings for me.  It’s when I first felt my lump, 7 years ago.  My lump hurt.  I went right to the doctor, thankfully.  I soon found it, it  it had already spread.  If I had waiting longer, my results may have been different.  As I think of a few people in my world on a cancer journey now, I have found I’m even doing things I tell people not to do.  So I wanted to re-visit some of the things I like to share, in the hopes that it may help (and as a reminder, even for myself!) 

My Cancer Top 10

Don't ignore changes to your body.
The hardest part is always the unknown.
When you're waiting for results.
When you are scheduling more appointments.
When you need more tests.
When you don't know the details.
When you don't know the plan.

Knowing this is so hard, may be comforting.
Stay busy if that's what helps you.
Make plans.
Live your life the best you can.
Be or continue to stay active, work out, take walks, start something new that will make you feel good. I began yoga.
Eliminate things from you life that don't make you feel good. I eliminated soda, most sugars (I still like my wine), and most carbs. There's a lot of resources now on nutrition but as you get started, do YOU! Do what feels right for you to feel better about yourself. If someone in your life doesn't make you feel good, or stresses you out, share your feelings. Do YOU. This time is all about you and how you can best get through it.
Let others who offer to help, help you.
It's so cliche, but don't google. Or google survivors or things that may be positive for you. Save the questions you have for your doctors and medical team. Write them down. Set up your portal. Message them that way if you want to know quickly.
Connect with a survivor if that makes you feel good. At first, I didn't want to. I wanted to gather my own info, but then it was comforting to hear wisdom and pieces of advice.
As you get results, begin to take notes on things that will change for you. Will your body change? What clothes will you need? With many kinds of cancers, people worry about hair loss. Buy hats. Your head will be cold. Especially at night when you're sleeping. Will your taste change. What will you need or what will be good for you?
Cry. Feel all your feelings. Let it out. You don't have to be a hero. Talk to people who you trust. Talk to a therapist if that may help. Don't be afraid to ask for the help that you need. Don't be afraid to ask for medicine to help heal your mind while you're on this journey!