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We realize that you never wanted to get an invitation to join our family and we completely understand. But we hope we can support you with personalized holistic resources while you are on your cancer journey.

Pictures of my cancer family members
Pictures of my cancer family members

About My Cancer Family

We created My Cancer Family to help all cancer patients, their family and friends navigate the confusing and challenging word of cancer. You have amazing doctors and nurses in charge of your medical care, but there is so much more to the journey. And we are here for that. For resources on nutrition and mental health, to information on amazing non-profits, to sharing the wisdom you only get from having been on the cancer journey (i.e. why your nose always runs.) 

Our inspiration

Telling her story out loud has given our co-founder strength and connected her to thousands

Our Top Hits

These are the top videos and articles that our family comes back to time and time again

Traveling With Cancer
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Cancer Coaching with Coach Coughlin

An interview with Giants’ Coach Coughlin on building a cancer family and his foundation’s efforts to help families impacted by pediatric cancer.

Cancer Advice From Mercedes

Mercedes was diagnosed with cancer at 28; learn about her inspirational approach and get some great advice on how to emotionally navigate this challenging time. 

Cancer Journey Resources

Cancer resources
Lifestyle Resources

Answers and suggestions about what to eat, how to talked to your kids, hair, fitness and mental health plus some things you might not have thought of like dental.

Cancer Journey
Cancer Journey

Surgery.  Chemo. Radiation. Side Effects.  Survivorship. Knowing what to expect can help – list of questions to ask, list of what to have at home, words of wisdom. 

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Non-Profit Help

There are thousands of non-profits that help cancer patients and their families. Here are a few that might be able to help you – from finances to summer camps.

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Our friends at The Makers of SYLVANIA always say You Deserve Better.  For those of you going through a cancer journey, you deserve better every day and we know that support and tips from survivors help.

Share your cancer story and a tip to help our other cancer family members

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Such a deep inspiration for me and a huge inspiration for others

Alysia Reiner

Thank you for continually sharing your story and your bravery

Emma Heming Willis

Surviving and Thriving!

Stephanie McMahon