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Splurges - Comfy Clothes - Activities - Essentials
Splurges for a cause

Looking to send a little luxury? Not only are these products amazing but they all also give back to a cancer non-profit.

Barefoot dreams slippers

Barefoot Dreams Slippers
Help neuropathy with these! Toes will thank you!

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

Barefoot Dreams Blanket
For the changing body temps, you know hot, cold, sweating, chills… 

Barefoot Dreams Robe

Barefoot Dreams Robe
Just what you need for a chill day on the couch after treatment

Rock the Treatment Gift Sets for Cancer and Chemo Patients

Rock the Treatment Gift Box
So many things you wouldn’t know to buy for someone in chemo. 

Comfy Clothes

Treatment at home, in the chemo center and at the hospital is painful. Comfy clothes with the right openings make it a little easier. 

100% cotton pajamas with buttons are comfortable and provide the access you need.

Women’s Pajamas
Cotton so breathable- helpful for night sweats.  Stylish enough for visitors! 

100% cotton pajamas with buttons help with night sweats and provide access you need.

Men’s Pajamas  
Cotton and breathable- helpful for night sweats. Looking good for all!

Women's pajamas with drain holders for after surgery

Women’s PJs – Breast Cancer
Button up with drainage pockets.  Who thought of this brilliance (must have been a woman 🙂

Shirt with zippers to access ports

Chemo Port Access Shirt
Keep em cozy from chemo! This has all the access you need and will keep you warm. 

cozy socks to wear to chemo

Comfy Socks
Keep em cozy from chemo! Especially good for Neuropathy. 

Slipper socks with grips on bottom

Slipper Socks
Safe socks!  You may feel off, but these anti-slip may help…

Twirl Robe with front closure for modesty in hospital

Twirl Robe
Finally, a robe for the hospital that you don’t have to hold closed!

Silk scrunchies

Soft scrunchies help to hold hair back comfortably when in bed.


Whether you are looking for activities for someone in treatment or having a hospital stay, we have found these to be helpful and often stress relieving.

Mindful Patterns Coloring book for stress relief and to pass time

Mindful Patterns Adult Coloring No one said it was easy….help for relief during treatment

Adult Coloring Book. For stress relief and to help pass the time during treatment. Has funny adult phrases in pictures.

Can’t Adult Today Coloring Book  How about laughing during treatment…sarcastic pictures and sayings while you color

Color Me Blessed Coloring book with inspiration saying and pictures to color

Color Me Blessed Coloring Book
A little inspo while you draw and keep you mind busy with this blessed book

Travel colored pencil case with built in sharpener

Colored Pencils
A travel size pack of colored pencils helps you always have  distractions at appointments. 

Fire Stick to stream favorite shows. Helpful for a hospital TV.

Create a Smart TV
Helpful for stress relief and passing time during treatments.

Soft bluetooth headphones. Great for sleeping.

Soft Headband Headphone 
Blue Tooth headphones that are comfortable enough to sleep with.

Gift card for audible to download audio books

Audio Book Gift Cards
Don’t know what to buy?  Try an audio book gift card!

Amazon Fire Tablet to stream shows or read during chemo treatments

Catch up on EVERYTHING during hours at the hospital…


Hospital stays and chemo treatments have a lot of side effects and unpleasantness. A few essentials can make the journey a little easier. 

Unscented Lotion for dry skin

Aveeno Unscented Lotion
Lather up!  Unscented lotion to help with chemo side effects!

unscented lip balm to help with dry lips

Alida Pure Unscented Lip Balm
Stay soft during chemo! Don’t let those lips crack!

Biotene mouthwash for mouth sores

Biotene Mouthwash
Listen to your doctor! Get this and swish around to help with mouth sores!

Tee tree oil for nail strengthening and fungus

Tea Tree Oil
Tell your nails to stay on top! Protect them during chemo.

Pill case to track chemo medicines

Pill Case
Pills. Pills. Pills. One for this.  One for that. So confusing!  Not anymore!

Pill splitter for cancer medicines

Pill Splitter
Exactly what it says.  This one splits all sizes.

Organizers for by your bed or couch for all the cancer products.

Keep your remote, a class of water, your pills neat and beside you!

Organizer for bathroom

Bathroom Caddy
JIC you are in the hospital and want to carry your own products!

Ice mittens to help with chemo neuropathy

Ice Mittens
Keep em cold for chemo!  May help with many side effects! 

Soft toothbrush to help with some sore gums

Phillips Electric Toothbrush
Make sure it’s soft incase you’re sore during treatment!

Bare Minerals brow pencil for filling in brows after chemo hair loss

Bare Minerals Brow Pencil
As if they never left you….and this one’s “clean beauty”

Thrive Mascara is great for after chemo. Helps fill in remaining lashes. Toxin Free.

Thrive Mascara
Lashes may lash out, but this one is cruelty and many other things “free”.

Please note: We are not medical professionals and are not offering any medical advice. Please consult with your medical professionals. 

Disclaimer: Our recommendations are based off of our experiences as well as those of the My Cancer Family. We might earn a small commission for using our links, but would never recommend something that we wouldn’t use ourselves.