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We are passionate about supporting you on your journey through cancer. Whether you just got diagnosed or are a caregiver, we hope we can help you. Our team is full of caring and smart professionals who want to make a real impact with the work they do. Like most people, they have been touched by cancer and are committed to helping you on this journey. 

Picture of Denise Albert
Denise Albert
CEO, Co-founder
Cancer support, community and helping others on a cancer journey is my life passion and mission and purpose.  
I’m a journalist, entrepreneur, producer and cancer advocate.  I’ve spent the past 20 years working at ABC’s Good Morning America as Deputy Editiorial Producer, Inside Edition as a Producer, President and Producer of Magician David Blaine (I helped him write his Ted Talk and produced his Oprah special).  I’m the founder of TheMOMS.com where I hosted a SiriusXM radio show, a television show called Moms & The City and hosted over 400 of our celebrity Mamarazzi events (including Jennifer Garner, Jada Pinkett Smith, Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman and more!).  

But it was my cancer journey, and people all over the country who inspired me to create, My Cancer Family.

During the pandemic, I did a lot of soul-searching about what I really want from life and how being a survivor shapes my every day.  

My Cancer Family

Being a survivor affects choices I make in business and my zest for adventure. Being a survivor affects my choices to continue daily learning and positive living.  Being a survivor has helped me manage meaningful relationships and made me a better mother.  Being a survivor also causes insecurities, emotionally and physically, but speaking honestly, sharing and connecting with so many others makes it all easier and worthwhile. 

My cancer journey and the community that came with it gives my life purpose and meaning.  It is because of my cancer journey and my cancer community that I’m so proud to share with you, MyCancerFamily.com

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Colleen Sellers
President, Co-founder

I’m beyond thrilled to join Denise to bring My Cancer Family to life. In 8th grade, I lost my Nana. Every year until then, I spent the summer with her in the suburbs of Boston and in Maine. She was my most beloved. Even now as I write this tears fall down my face. I know she has watched over me as my angel and seen my wonderful children and loves my husband and extended family as much as I do, but I will always wish she could be here to see the cousins play together and grow up. My daughter is named after her and my work with My Cancer Family is in honor of her. It is a true blessing to bring My Cancer Family to life with Denise and help all those impacted from Cancer have the support they need on this journey.

My Cancer Family

Before joining My Cancer Family, I spent  lead marketing and sales teams for health tech start-ups. Prior to my time as a CMO, I was a marketing executive at Johnson & Johnson where I got to work on some of the worlds most beloved brands. My family and I had the amazing opportunity to live and work in Singapore. I received a MBA from Kellogg and a BA from Smith College. 

Avani Agarwal
Product Visionary,

My mother visited me in Brooklyn when I was pregnant. One evening, I came home and found her in tears. She brushed it off. It was as an emotional moment, she said. But my mother was a practical person — she did not have “emotional moments.” And she wasn’t having one that night. What I did not know was that her doctor had just called: “you have cancer.” 

That’s all they said. They didn’t know the type or stage or any of the million other questions you’d want to know right away.

All my mother wanted to know was “will I be there to greet my grandchild? Will I be an inconvenience to my daughter when she needs me?” 


She had every reason to focus on herself, but all she was thinking about was us. My mom beat cancer. She told her family and – always practical – sped up her procedures and radiation, making it back to Brooklyn the day before her granddaughter arrived. It’s a testament to her strength and courage, and also the knowledge and experience we could muster for her care.

I am thrilled and honored to partner with Denise and Colleen on such meaningful work and to do it with such a human voice. I am excited to bring my experience at Google and Yahoo! to My Cancer Family.

Like so many of you, I am supporting a family member on their cancer journey. I live in Chicago and have two children.  

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