Breast Cancer Support

After Breast Cancer Diagnosis
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to introduce you to ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis.  Their free program matches those diagnosed with a professionaly-trained Mentor/Breast Cancer Survivor who is similar to you.
ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis shared the following information with My Cancer Family:
ABCD works as a complement to medical care, all of our support services are delivered virtually over the phone or online, making them available anywhere in the world. Our signature service is creating a unique match between a breast cancer patient and a professionally trained volunteer Mentor/breast cancer survivor or someone living with metastatic disease who not only share a similar diagnosis and treatment plan, but also have common interests, similar ages, personal traits and family dynamics. We support all stages and diagnoses, including metastatic/Stage IV.
In 1992, Melodie Wilson Oldenburg, an Emmy award-winning Milwaukee journalist, announced on live television that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Being in the public eye, she continued talking about her disease. As she talked, calls came in from people Melodie had never met, offering her support and advice. They, too, had been diagnosed with breast cancer and understood the feelings, fears and questions that come along with the diagnosis. This helped Melodie understand the power of emotional support and motivated her to bring together physicians, survivors, patients and caregivers to launch ABCD in 1999. To this day, her founding vision remains clear: “No one should go through breast cancer alone” after hearing the words, “you have breast cancer.”