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“I miss him every day. Now when I run my marathons, I always dedicate them to my Dad and people who are affected by pancreatic cancer.  Running for others makes the journey so much more meaningful, because it’s so much bigger than yourself.”

– Julie Weiss,

Julie Weiss runs marathons in honor of her dad and has raised almost $1 Million. When she runs, she feels closer to her dad, Maurice Weiss, who she lost to pancreatic cancer. She also hopes to inspire and encourage others to embrace what they love to do and let it shine! 

“Part of my mission is to help people embrace whatever it is they want to do or become. I believe this can help in all areas of our lives, even when you are on a mission to overcome cancer. When your mission is to crush cancer, you can say I am a CANCER CRUSHER!  It’s a mindset shift . To really embrace that, and feel what you are becoming can be motivating and empowering, possibly even healing.  Instead of saying I’m going to get healthy, you can say I am a HEALTH WARRIOR!!  Even with surviving cancer, you can change that to, I AM A CANCER SURVIVOR!  Feel it, be it, believe it, and become it.  Our minds are more powerful than we know.”  – Julie Weiss