Positive Cancer Stories

During my cancer journey, I shared my story publicly.  I wrote about each step of the way on people.com and goodhousekeeping.com and on my social media channels.  Sharing my story saved my life and got me through treatment.  Hearing from so many other survivors and those on a cancer journey was so helpful and inspiring.  Connecting and speaking to so many saved me.  I tried to see things positively and use the experience to live my best life.  Here are a few of the pieces I hope others will find helpful.

Denise Albert during chemo
What I Learned Right After Chemo
Denise Albert breast cancer survivor speaking at Susan G. Komen event
I'm A Cancer Survivor Everyday
Denise Albert celebrating her 1 year anniversary of bring cancer free
1 Year Cancer Anniversary
Denise Albert rock climbing after cancer survival
A Thank You Note to My Cancer
New York Yankee logo
My Breast Cancer Journey is Like Being a Baseball Player
Denise Albert celebrating cancer free on a girls trip
I Never Expected a Year with Cancer to Be My Best
Denise Albert in hospital from cancer surgery with her two boys
I Have Cancer. What You Can and Can't Say About It to My Kids
Denise Albert filming a TSA video about how to treat cancer patients at airport security
Changing How Cancer Patients Are Treated In Airports