Cancer Surgery Advice

Meet 78 year old Benita.  After 6 months of tests, procedures, many biopsies, PT scans and differing opinions, Benita (also Denise’s mom) decided to have surgery to remove a suspicious nodule in her lung.  It wasn’t an easy decision. With an unclear diagnosis and a possibility of early stage, slow-growing lung cancer, what do you do?

Would lung surgery be too much?  Would she make it through the surgery?  What if she didn’t have surgery and it was cancer?   After many discussions, she decided it was right for her to remove the nodule.   Luckily, the results all came back in her favor, NO CANCER! But there are some things she wished she knew to ask her Doctor before and she wants to share it with you!  Plus, she has a few words of wisdom, cancer hacks and products for anyone else going through surgery!

Benita's cancer surgery advice
Questions for cancer surgery

Benita's Surgery Advice

Always ask to walk into surgery if you can. It’s a much better feeling than being wheeled in.
If your Doctor gives you his cell phone number, use it!
My doctor gives all of his patients his cell phone number and tells them to text him each day to know how they are doing.  If there’s a question or issue, he calls or texts immediately.  The first few days of suffering through pain I forgot!  Now, I am feeling much better emotionally, not wondering or worrying about how my recovery is going!  He calls or texts me back immediately!

Benita's Surgery Must-Haves

Pillow for cancer surgery recovery

The hospital gave me a big pillow to hug and to use when coughing. It helped reduce pain. 

Mirror for cancer surgery recovery

A good, portable mirror so I can sit while putting on makeup since it is harder to stand right now.

Recliner for cancer surgery recovery

recliner that I could rest and sleep on. I didn’t have to worry about my position. 

Picker-upper for cancer surgery recovery

One of those devices to pick things up from floor. It’s been hard to bend.