Money, Money, Money

Bills, bills, bills and more bills.  Everyone on a cancer journey knows that even if you have insurance, it doesn’t cover everything.  The bills all pile up, and the mail and emails with bills is overwhelming and never ending. 

There’s a lot of help out there for you.  You do NOT have to feel green from all the green you owe!  We want to hear from you, too!  Please share with us resources that help on your financial cancer journey! assists patients with co-payments for their prescribed treatments. They offer easy-to-access, same-day approval over the phone and online. logo

Find local and national organizations giving assistance from everything from food to transportation to wigs and housing. Both medical and non-medical expenses. 


Tips from the CDC on managing the costs of treatment.  Includes information on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and how to use the Affordable Care Act for coverage.