Meditation Help For Your Cancer Journey

We are super excited to introduce you to Suze Yalof Schwartz. She was a makeover guru at Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour and the morning network shows. Obviously, those can be really stressful times so she was taught a powerful three-minute breathing and guided visualization technique that transferred her stress to calm. 

It also transformed her life and led her to found Unplug Meditation, the world’s first drop in mediation studio and now app.  Think Drybar, Glam Squad, or Glosslab of Meditation!  

She has a quick, simple way to learn to medidate and is offering My Cancer Family members FREE access to her app!

A How-to-Meditate Quick Guide

Step 1

Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your inhale and exhale as you slow the breath down. I like the box breath: Inhale through the nose for 4 seconds, hold the breath in for 4 seconds, exhale through the nose or mouth for 4 seconds, and hold the breath out for 4 seconds.

Step 2

Stop counting the breaths and just be present by noticing what you notice

(sounds, sensations, feelings, etc.)

Step 3

Thoughts will inevitably pop up and your mind will wander. Begin again at Step 1.

And remember it’s a practice, not a “perfect”.

Advice and Ispriration on Meditation

MY CANCER FAMILY:  What IS meditation for those who hear the word but don’t really know what it means and does? 

SUZE YALOF SCHWARTZ – UnplugMeditation is a simple practice that allows you to unplug from the distractions around you so you can be present in the present moment. People always think it’s about stopping thoughts, sitting in perfect silence and feeling Zen but that is not the reality. It is an exercise in noticing your wandering mind and bringing it back into the present moment – like a bicep curl for the brain. 

MY CANCER FAMILYHow can meditation and Unplug be helpful to someone on a cancer journey or someone supporting a friend or family member?

SUZE YALOF SCHWARTZ- Unplug: Dealing with cancer can cause stress, anxiety and fear, and nothing is worse for healing cancer than more of those types of feelings. Meditation helps you reduce stress, anxiety, and fear by allowing you to stop worrying about the what if’s and instead find peace in the here and now. Slowing down your breath can lower your blood pressure and cortisol levels and this is what we want. For people going through cancer, it gives them space to enjoy life again, appreciate the present moment, and envision a better future (which can also be very helpful). For friends and family members, the last thing a cancer patient needs is for you to add to their worries. What they need is love, support and compassion, which meditation has been scientifically proven to strengthen.

MY CANCER FAMILY: What would you say to someone who is reluctant to try something new? 

SUZE YALOF SCHWARTZ- Unplug: Keep it tiny – try meditating for one minute a day and see how it makes you feel. Doing it once can change your day but doing it more can change your life. When you make the time for self-care and healing, the benefits are sure to follow.

MY CANCER FAMILY: Do you have data or research to share the benefits of Unplug? 

SUZE YALOF SCHWARTZ- Unplug: Yes, please see the data below from a study that was conducted using Unplug meditators. We also have thousands of reviews and success stories from the people who use the Unplug app, which you can read on the app store

Improvements from meditation

MY CANCER FAMILY: Are there any products you recommend for someone who is on a cancer journey and needs to “Unplug”? 

SUZE YALOF SCHWARTZ- Unplug:  Yes, the Unplug app.  It is the easiest way to build consistency and be guided by a pro. November 1st marks the start of the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge and practicing gratitude is medicinal – it has been scientifically proven to increase positive emotions. Enjoy 3 MONTHS FREE on the app using this link (no credit card required and the app is free to download). Then start Day1 of the Challenge right from the home screen.

Pro tip: do it first thing in the morning before you even get out of bed. Upon opening the app, you will see a positive quote and that will change the trajectory of your day. If you sleep with someone, keep headphones next to your bed. It is perfectly okay to meditate while you lay in bed – this is what I do every morning and I am on a 570-day streak! 

MY CANCER FAMILY: How has your life changed since discovering Meditation?

SUZE YALOF SCHWARTZ – Unplug: Well, the biggest thing is that I no longer allow other people or life challenges to control my inner peace. This is HUGE. I can choose exactly how I want to feel everyday and if I notice myself feeling overwhelmed – or any stressful emotion for that matter – I can literally click a button on the Unplug app and snap out of it in less than 10 minutes. I used to react to every little thing, but now I pause and choose how I want to respond. I could honestly write 10 pages on all that I have gotten from this magical practice. It is the reason that you couldn’t pay me to miss a day of meditation!

MY CANCER FAMILY: How has Unplug helped Cancer patients?

Positive reviews of meditation during cancer

SUZE YALOF SCHWARTZ- Unplug: Just last week I saw two 5-star reviews on Apple from Unplug app users who said:

“This app saved me after a breast cancer diagnosis. I had so much fear until I started doing this daily!” – Jen Delvaux

“I’m currently undergoing treatment for cancer, and this app has specific meditations to help with pain, healing, thinking yourself well. I’ve really enjoyed it!” – LouLou

 There are so many more but the fact is that it works. You can read the comments under all the different meditation videos that reveal the multitude of benefits that people feel. The great news is that it does not have to be long to be effective and meditation practiced daily will impact the way you feel internally.