Mercedes inspirational cancer journey

Mercedes E. Wilson's Cancer Advice

Mercedes E. Wilson is a passionate servant leader tasked with delivering a message of hope to everyone needing encouragement through their circumstances; big or small.

In 2011, Mercedes was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at the age of 28 and that forever changed her life.

MY CANCER FAMILY:  What’s your biggest piece of advice to others diagnosed at such a young age like you were?  

MERCEDES: Move at your own pace.  This season of your life will get overwhelming.  Accept the help that others offer, let them know when you need time to yourself and do what you love.  Don’t apologize for any of it!  You are dealing with a lot. 

MY CANCER FAMILY Do you have any cancer hacks or tips to get someone through a cancer journey?  

MERCEDES: Bubble baths and music was my thing.  I did whatever I loved and what made me smile.  Keep those you love close and treasure every moment. 

MY CANCER FAMILYDid you have favorite products that got you through? 

MERCEDES: Mint tea and ginger.  They helped calm my stomach.  A nice fluffy pillow as well!

MY CANCER FAMILY How do you educate and help people through “For Our Daughters”  

MERCEDES: We educate young women on how to advocate for themselves.  We do this by way of doing hands on workshops in high schools and adding in fun physical activities. In creating a no judgment zone, the ladies truly open up and take the exercises seriously!

MY CANCER FAMILY:  What specific tools do you suggest every young woman and mom shares with their daughters about their health?  

MERCEDES: Know their family history and to listen to their body.  If something is off, tell your doctor and if they don’t listen, find one that does.  Be proud of who you are and know you are worth living a long healthy life, fight for it!

More on MERCEDES: She’s a 3-time author, speaker, television personality, and founder of a non-profit, “For Our Daughters” and is adamant in serving her community in the Buffalo, NY area. In 2011, Mercedes was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at the age of 28 and that forever changed her life.  For Our Daughters Inc was birthed from that battle. Through her non-profit, For Our Daughters Inc, Mercedes has educated and equipped over 6,000 young women with the tools necessary to have serious conversations about their health. This is done by going into high schools around Western New York and doing workshops with teenagers that teaches them how to advocate with issues that matter to them. Mercedes started out hosting her international show “The Mercedes Wilson Show” that aired in over 1 million homes per week on LCTV(Lockport NY) and Kingdom Insight Television(Canada). She then started working with her local ABC affiliate in Buffalo NY doing weekly segments called Recipes for Life.  After one year of working with the station, Mercedes was offered the permanent position as the Co-Host of AM Buffalo, a daily lifestyle show.  Out of everything she has accomplished and overcome, Mercedes’ greatest blessing is her amazing husband and four wonderful children.