Nutrition for Cancer

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Everyone’s cancer journey is unique and their path to wellness is individual as well.  A certified health coach can help with everything from nausea to sleeplessness, to rebuilding strength and gaining or losing weight. Survivorship is increasingly common but how people eat, move, and manage stress are essential pieces to that success.

Meet Yonni Wattenmaker, of YonAppetit, who has also been the Executive Director of Breast Cancer Alliance.  Yonni is also a certified integrative nutrition coach.  Yonni’s grandparents both had cancer and Yonni had a scare with basal cell carcinoma last summer.  She has taken all of her knowledge and passions and experiences to help cancer patients with nutrition.  Yonni is offering 3 FREE 15 Minute Consultations to the first My Cancer Family members who reach out to her!

If someone on a cancer journey is going to cut out 3 things, what should that be?

There is no one size fits all approach to recovery but limiting sugar and alcohol consumption and avoiding tobacco are three good places to start.  

What 3 things should everyone on a cancer journey add to their diet?

Again, each story is different, and there are so many who struggle with intolerances to dairy, gluten, nuts and so on, but overall green leafy vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains are important for everyone.

If people don’t cook and don’t have a large budget, can you suggest 3-5 meal options that are healthy and easy to do that will support their overall health while going through a cancer journey

  1. Oatmeal made with water with walnuts and hemp seeds
  2. Vegetable soups and stews with beans 
  3. Leafy green salads with lean protein
  4. Hummus with cut veggies, apple and whole wheat pita
  5. Quinoa with sautéed veggies