Prostate Cancer Advice & Help From PCF

Thank you to our friends at the Prostate Cancer Foundation, they have provided amazing information & resources for My Cancer Family.
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1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer

Unfortunately, Prostate Cancer will impact 1 in 8 men in their lifetime so early detection and screenings are important for every man. 

prostate screening quiz

 PCF has a simple, 3 question quiz to help men determine when is the best time to start getting screened. (Women can take it for them, too.)

screenings start at 40

If there is a family history of prostate cancer, PCF recommends starting get screened as early as age 40.

Resource guides for prostate cancer

Once diagnosed, PCF has a variety of resources we recommend to patients including a patient guide. 

Support groups help patients and caregivers

PCF also has various support groups. Support groups are great for patients AND their caregivers. 

Get community from facebook groups

According to PCF, their Facebook Support Groups are extremely valuable. There are a diverse number of groups available.