Questions for you doctor

Let’s be honest, its sometimes hard to know what questions to ask your doctor and nurses. Especially after the shock of a cancer diagnosis. Here are some question that we know will help you. 

1) Do you have the right doctors on your team? 

2) Is there another doctor at  your hospital to add?  For example, if you’re beginning radiation, do you or should you have an oncological dermatologist on your team?

3) Does your hospital or treatment center offer integrated services (acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, therapy)?

4) Will you be able to work throughout? Will you have to take a leave of absence? ( So you can start to speak to your company, your boss and plan your financials.)

5) Are there any products you should buy in advance of your treatment to make it easier, or more comfortable (a large water bottle, special pillows, different clothing, a recliner, lotions or mouthwash)?